Forklifts are a valuable asset for any company, but a simple set of forks is often not enough. Different products require a variety of forklift attachments, and there are an extensive number of attachments available. Forklift attachments can help increase the versatility of a fleet and your warehouse workers, and they can increase the amount of work productivity accomplished in a day.

Clamps enable forklifts to work without pallets, grabbing the loads from the sides and helping to reduce the potential for load shifting or damage. This is extremely useful for industries which may use oddly-shaped or curved loads, such as drums and paper rolls – while these may teeter back and forth when lifted on a set of forks or a pallet, the clamps will keep them secure during movement, reducing the chance of an accident and product damaged.

Fork Positioners
When you are working with loads of different widths, you’ll need to reposition your forks can be vital. A fork positioner attachment can allow the operator to move the forks quickly and accurately without having to shut down the lift and leave their seat. This can help reduce damage to pallets or products, as well as improve operator safety.

Multiple Load Handlers
In some warehouse, it is a bit more expedient to be able to handle and shift multiple pallets at the same time. Multiple load handlers do just that, allowing the operator to shift a variety of loads at one time.

As an extension of the forks, a push/pull attachment can help create a great reaching ability of the forklift. This can allow a lift to reach and pull pallets that are set back from leading edge of a set of shelves, or in a truck where the forklift can’t go. Push-pulls need extra training, as the further a load is extended outward from the lift, the more of a threat of tipping is posed to the forklift. However, with proper training and attentive use, push-pulls can help businesses use every bit of space.

These hydraulic mechanisms allow the forks to be rotated a full 360 degrees. This is particularly useful when your business has loads that need to be dumped out of a container. Businesses such as breweries or food-related businesses can take good advantage of this attachment to reduce the amount of manual handling.

By allowing the forks to be moved side-to-side without having to move the entire forklift, you reduce the amount of forklift movement. This means you will reduce the amount of time necessary for stacking and moving goods, and also reduce the risk of damaging you products.

When it comes to deciding what attachments are appropriate for your business, you need to consider a number of things. Will the attachment be worth the return on investment in terms of time saved and accidents and damage avoided? How much training will be needed, and what kinds of hydraulic functions will need to be added to the lift? Proper consideration can lead you to the right attachment for your business, and can make daily operators go smoother and faster.


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